Friday, July 11, 2008

Moose Count

The moose count is now up to 5. I got pictures of this last one, since it didn't run away or try to chase me. I'll post one when I'm on a better computer.

Can't remember if it was George or Kerry in OCRM who told me to wait until I had 3 bad days in a row to star thinking about quitting, but I'm super grateful for that advice. I had 2 really bad days (bad weather, bad people, bad bugs, bad sleep, sore knees and feet, and one good fall), but the very next day tied for first place in the "best day ever" competition.

Well, I'm in Maine now at the first of my 3 hostel stays. Hitched a ride into town on the back of a 4-wheeler. My folks sent me a resupply package and added in a bunch of extra Snickers and nuts. Glad to have such great parents. Man, it's amazing how a great hiking day, hot shower, clean laundry, good food, and a bed can lift the spirits. ~250 miles to go to Katahdin.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Liza. So glad things are going well. Do you know whether you'll be free at the end of August? Our 10-year reunion is scheduled for August 23rd. Let me know if you want more info. I know a bunch of people are coming. Stay safe. Love you. Shelley

lize said...

Happy belated Birthday Shelley!I'll be in Denver for a wedding end 6f august, and I'm thinking about switching to a trail out there for some more hiking instead of staying on the AT. Thanks for letting me know about it though!