Thursday, July 17, 2008

Heading into the bogs

I've just about finished up the mountainous part of Maine, and I'll be heading into the more boggy area soon. I'm pretty excited about not climbing so much anymore, and I hear lots of good things about this last stretch. There's supposed to be some beautiful lakes and streams, and it will be nice to have a change of scenery. I have some stream fords coming up that I hear are pretty deep, like up to the waist (but that was from a short girl so maybe up to my knees). I got my first real welcome to the bogs the other day when I fell in to my waist. I actually laughed when it happened because it was the first time I had really played in mud since I was a kid. It also rained for the next 8 miles, so I had the chance to get a good rinse before pulling into the shelter for the night. I did, however, smell really bad for the next 3 days before getting to town and settling in to the hostel. Best shower ever! I took a "zero" today, which means I walked around town and ate everyhting in sight, and took several naps. Tomorrow is another big day on the trail. A little over 15 miles and the weather forecast is 70% thunderstorms in the morning and afternoon. Ah, I love the summertime. Sorry no pictures again. These hostel computers aren't really geared for handling more than a little text! Hope you all are doing great!


Cecilia Torres said...

Go Liza!!!
(Your exploits are all we have to talk about round here at CRCP).


Anna Banana said...

I'm having a blast following your blog! Keep going, be safe, and say hi to the moose for me!