Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Hiked 10 miles today with my mom in Vermont. Dad drove the shuttle - very grateful for that! It's very cold here, quite a bit of rain heading my way. From here on out, I'm on my own, unless I can meet up with my brother in New Hampshire. Doing great. Heading to Maine!


Emily Therese said...

Sounds like you are back in business! Kristine was in town to visit this past week and it was Kate's 30th b-day, which also brought Maggie to town. So, a mini-reunion, with a torrential downpour to boot (it washed out the road on the way to Kate's parents' house)!

celeste said...

I know you enjoyed your Mom's company. Glad you're back on the trail. My boss said that you need this www.findmespot.com and I agree!
Love you,

Kristine and Jason said...

I missed you while I was in DC! It was a great trip, but it wasn't the same without you!

Shannon said...

Hi Liza, really enjoying reading your updates, they're very entertaining and inspiring. So glad you're doing well and have been safe so far. I'm so envious of the beautiful things you are seeing!