Monday, May 12, 2008

On to Plan B

Due to some safety concerns in Pennsylvania (from humans, not bears), I've decided to go to Plan B. So far, Plan B consists of volunteering with an AT trail club in NC while doing some shorter backpacking trips between volunteer days, and then heading back up to Vermont in early June to pick right back up with my original itenerary. It's not quite what I had imagined, but if there's one thing I learned from working at NOAA, it's being prepared to work with alternative plans. For now, I'm glad to be safe, and I'm looking forward to seeing both southern and northern states in Spring.

Some beautiful/amazing things in WV/MD/PA:

1) wildflowers in almost every color of the rainbow
2) blooming dogwood trees
3) lots of ducks, 3 snakes, 3 deer, a rabbit, and an unidentifiable large rodent
4) a room that was part of the Underground Railroad